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Chiropractic Techniques Used

cache_2893070804.gifDr. Botz employs a wide range of proven techniques, all individualized for each patient. Below is a list of the popular chiropractic techniques he uses in his practice:

Chiropractic Care

  • Chiropractic BioPhysics® - CBP®, is, in short, a higher level of chiropractic. It is a more knowledgeable, comprehensive, systematic, scientific approach to chiropractic that provides predictable results for patients.  Support for this claim includes a considerable amount of data from research, the experience of numerous CBP® practitioners, and the longevity of the approach. CBP® combines standard chiropractic joint adjustments with mirror image® (opposite position) postural adjustments, mirror image® spinal/postural exercise, and mirror-image® traction to provide more permanent relief and improved health for patients through spine and postural correction (www.idealspine.com).
  • Neuromechanical Chiropractic Technique - Born out of more than a decade of research and engineering,  Neuromechanical Chiropractic Technique features new technology tuned in to the natural frequency of the body, resulting in more efficient and effective chiropractic adjustments.
  • Motion Palpation - In motion palpation, the chiropractor examines each complex spinal joint to analyze the degree to which it may lack proper motion. This highly-skilled maneuver requires the examiner to have a mental picture and tactile knowledge of a spinal joint's normal motion. Normal motion is compared with the feel of the joint being examined as it is moved through its range of motion.
  • Drop Table - The patient lies on a special table with a "drop piece". The chiropractor applies a quick thrust at the same time the table drops. The dropping of the table allows for a lighter adjustment without the twisting positions that can accompany the manual adjustment.
  • Exercise - Dr. Botz will make recommendations and teach patients how to do strengthening exercises at home to help maintain their spinal adjustments.   A regular routine of exercises helps patients avoid stiffness and weakness, minimize recurrences of pain, and reduce the severity and duration of possible future episodes of  pain.
  • Activator - Activator is often the gentlest method of adjusting the spine. The patient lies on the table face down (or face up or standing) while the chiropractor uses a spring-loaded activator instrument to perform the adjustment.

Additional Therapies
Our office employs many physical therapy modalities, including corrective exercises, lifestyle advice, spinal and postural corrections, electro-therapeutic modalities, traction - single, 2, or 3 axis, and heat/cold therapy to complement our other techniques.

Meet Our Massage Therapist

cache_3262113704.jpgShammy McQuay uses a variety of techiniques and tailors each massage to an individual's unique needs.  The ultimate goals are to be pain-free, relaxed, and rejuvenated.

She attended the Hawaii Massage Academy, were she received 600 hours of training and hands-on practice in Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, and Structural Kinesiology. 

She is experienced in the following forms of massage:

  • Swedish
  • Deep Tissue
  • Athletic/Sports
  • Chair

Shammy opened her own massage studio in Waikiki.  Her clientele enjoyed deep bodywork, and she also did some spa work.

In 2008, the United States Army brought Shammy and her husband Dale to Kansas, when she joined Dr. Botz's office. 

To make an appointment with Shammy, contact her at 785-477-2448,  call Dr. Botz's office at 785-776-1600, or check out her website at http://kansasmassage.health.officelive.com


Swedish:  Application of basic full-body massage.  Strokes and techniques are used with varying pressures to improve circulation, relaxation and loosen sore/tight muscles. 

30 Minutes / $30.00     60 Minutes/ $50.00     90 Minutes/ $70.00

Deep Tissue:  Initial consultation to work on specific target areas with deep strokes and techniques, and stretching at the end of the session.

30 Minute/ $30.00     60 Minutes/ $50.00   90 Minutes/ $70.00

Chair Massage: 
The neck, shoulders, back and arms can all be reached while using a massage chair.  This technique can be accomplished with the client remianing fully clothed.

15 Minutes/ $15.00     30 Minutes/ $30.00



Massage makes a GREAT gift!

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